Where to buy real estate in 2019: Greater Toronto Area

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Until a few years ago, most home buyers would’ve searched high and low just to find the city of Angus on an Ontario map. (Hint: It’s 90 kilometres north of Toronto.) Unless that is, you’re in the army. Turns out the 22,300-acre Canadian Armed Forces facility, CFB Borden, is immediately southwest of Angus. Originally an airforce base, CFB Borden is now the largest training facility for our nation’s armed forces.

In this part of Simcoe County, the army makes for good business. But what really helped push Angus, Ont. to the top of the Where to Buy Real Estate 2019 report for the GTA is the real estate boom.

Swept up in the Metro Toronto housing surge of the last few years were surrounding communities, including Barrie, Ont. Located on Lake Simcoe.

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