Sidewalk, Waterfront Toronto agree to 12-acre footprint for Quayside.

Original article via Daily Commercial News. Click here to read.

Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto have reached agreements on project scope and footprint and other components of Sidewalk’s proposed development for the east Toronto waterfront.

The agreement for the Quayside community represents a significant scaling back of the plan Sidewalk’s released in June that proposed development of 190 acres.

Sidewalk, a division of Alphabet and sister company to Google, will now develop the original 12 acres as proposed by the parties in the original 2017 contract awarded to Sidewalk with further projects contingent on the success of Quayside.

It was announced Oct. 31 by Waterfront Toronto that its staff will proceed with the formal evaluation of Sidewalk’s updated Master Innovation and Development Plan and further public consultation.

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