Report: Kawhi Leonard bought property in Toronto

Original article via 247 Sports. Click here to read.

Real estate purchases are quickly becoming a staple in the NBA rumor mill. By the time LeBron James had signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, he had already purchased two homes in southern California. Every time a superstar buys a home in a new city, there is some expectation that he is doing so for a reason.

Earlier this year, for example, Kawhi Leonard purchased a home in San Diego. That shouldn’t have come as a surprise given his background. Leonard grew up in Riverside, California and played collegiately at San Diego State. His ties to the area come from the past, but that didn’t stop the NBA world from speculating about his future. Leonard has been linked to both the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers in his upcoming free agency, and there was at least some assumption that Leonard purchasing a home in the same general region meant that he was moving out west.

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