Plan to redevelop lots on ravine slope in Toronto triggers outcry from residents.

Original article via Globe and Mail. Click here to read.

Five of Springmount’s dwellings, a row of 1920s-vintage two-storey duplexes, sit at the crest of one of those slopes; their stoops, in fact, are situated at the end of flights of steep steps that rise from the sidewalk through a grove of trees.

In early 2017, the property owners revealed plans to begin demolishing the duplexes, sever their deep lots and construct three luxury row houses at the bottom of the slope. Only two of the five duplexes, at 49 and 51 Springmount, are cited in the development application, but residents are concerned the whole row, which are owned by a single entity, would eventually be redeveloped, creating a wall of eight street-level townhouses in place of the current ravine slope. The builder, Brentlane Developments, has only purchased two lots, stresses Daniel Shields, a representative of the firm.

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