Moving from a house to a condo proved to be the right choice for this Toronto couple.

Original article via Globe and Mail. Click here to read.

“I didn’t want to own two lawnmowers,” said Dean Martin, a trim, fiftysomething advertising executive, as a siren drifted up and into the eighth-storey windows, which were also providing a lovely cross-breeze. “I love mowing the lawn up in the country … we don’t need it replicated in the city; so we thought well, it would be kind of cool to move a little bit closer to a high street.

“To have two very similar places – what’s the point?”

And then there was their almost high-school-aged son, said Anda Kubis, an artist and professor at OCAD University. “He was dragged kicking and screaming,” she laughed, “and now he says: ‘Oh my God, thank you, thank you, because I never would’ve met all the cool friends that I have now.’”

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