How One Family Dove Into Real Estate When Everyone Else Was Fleeing

Original article via Toronto Life. Click here to read.

Ashleigh Cranston, born and raised in Toronto, met her American sweetheart, Jenn Johnson, 12 years ago. Ashleigh was 23 at the time, and working in HR in Boston. Jenn, who was 28, worked for PwC, the international accounting firm, making it relatively easy for her to arrange a transfer to Toronto. She sold her house in Boston in early 2008 for $357,500 (U.S.), and then the couple rented a condo on King West for $2,300 a month. Their house hunt began just as Canada’s property market was succumbing to the recession.

They found a three-bedroom semi in Leslieville, listed at $499,000, but were nervous about shelling out for a property that might plummet in value. When the sellers dropped the asking price, Jenn and Ashleigh saw it as a sign and bought the place for $470,000. Soon after, Toronto’s housing market roared back to life.

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