Brawl over ‘beautiful’ billion-year-old boulder rocks Bloor neighbourhood.


Original article via CBC. Click here to read.

Neighbours of a giant granite boulder that recently made a dramatic reappearance on Bloor Street are mounting a campaign to keep the rock in their neighbourhood.

The 2,000-kilogram rock was unearthed in July when construction crews began digging up the ground near the corner of Major Street and Bloor Street West.

How did a boulder over a billion years old wind up on Toronto’s Bloor Street? “It’s a newly discovered long-time neighbour. It’s beautiful.” said Michol Hoffman, who lives on Major Street. “It’s sort of become a symbol of our street.”

The massive stone is estimated to be 1.1 to 1.4 billion years old. It may have been carried to Toronto from the Georgian Bay area by a glacier some 14,000 years ago, University of Toronto professor Joe Desloges said.

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