A Toronto builder fights housing price crisis (he also writes songs).

Original article via BNN Bloomberg. Click here to read.

Mitchell Cohen writes policy papers and show tunes about affordable housing. He wears a pork pie hat, favours fleece over pinstripes and is easy to tear up when talking about local “empowerment.”

He’s also president of The Daniels Corp., one of Canada’s biggest developers.

The closely held firm has built about 30,000 homes around Toronto, a quarter of which were sold below-market prices. It’s also a lead developer in the transformation of Regent Park, one of North America’s biggest social-housing makeovers — and the subject of Cohen’s musicals.

Being an affordable housing advocate and a big-time developer may not be a contradiction for Cohen. But he said governments are going to have to nudge more companies into action to tackle the growing affordability crisis.

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