2018, a year to remember!

Happy Friday all!

For those of you who don’t subscribe to my newsletter (man are you missing out!), I shared a recap of 2018 in this week’s edition. You can scroll down to the bottom of this post to sign up and receive weekly musings, updates, jokes and even some giveaways from me – or just keep reading to see what you missed in this week’s email.

Last week, I asked if you thought it was annoying or cheesy how Realtors promote themselves and list accomplishments all over the internet, social media and the odd bus stop.

Most of you said you didn’t mind it, but there were a few who disagreed – fair enough! I’m going to list some accomplishments because a) I’ve worked really hard this past year, b) I had a lot of help along the way, and hopefully those people will find satisfaction in these numbers c) my parents read these newsletters, and who doesn’t like impressing their parents!

This week’s newsletter is about thanking you all for being a part of this journey. No matter how big or small (even the unsubscribers help me learn a thing or two), you are a part of it and I cannot thank you enough. Free stuff is at the bottom of the e-mail. THANK YOU!

Plain and simple, 2018 was a really fun year. The market was nothing compared to 2017; transactions were way down all across the board but I believe it gave the better agents a chance to shine and differentiate themselves from the pack. The experienced agents who had systems in place were able to keep their business going strong, and in some cases even grow.

Some fun facts:

1. I was # 1 out of 97 agents at Blue Elephant Realty this year
2. I finished top 1% overall in all of TREB. (It’s easy to be top 1% in Leslieville houses that had 1 cat, 2 dogs and a blind parrot if you know what I mean.) This is top 1% overall, in all of TREB.
3. Just a shade under 35 million in total sales. That’s moving $1 million dollars in real estate every 11 days.
4. Most transactions at Blue Elephant Realty. One of the few agents in C01 to be involved in over 40 transactions (not counting leases). It wasn’t simply one or two big deals that provided the numbers.
5. These numbers and transactions are just my personal sales, not counting the deals from members of my team.

The important fun facts:

1. Referrals were way up from 2017. Almost 45% of transactions came from referrals. This is the lifeblood of the business, and the aspect that puts the biggest smile on my face.
2. This newsletter now has over 2500 people that receive it. We added 460 people this year while 14 unsubscribed (cant blame them, I don’t think my jokes are funny either).
3. Some ticket giveaways (Leafs games) had almost 100 responses, so if you didn’t win any tickets this year, keep trying! For those wondering, the Raptors nosebleeds I offered up got only 7 replies. What a spoiled group this is!

What to be excited for in 2019:

1. More tickets, more giveaways, better referral gifts. If you are a client of mine or have ever sent me a successful referral, you are a part of the “team”. If you don’t win any tickets, you can simply reach out to me anytime (by anytime I mean approximately once per year) and ask me for specific tickets you are looking for. Within reason of course – Leafs tickets aren’t cheap – but if you want to go to a show, a sports event, a concert or even want to watch my Mens Beer League Hockey team live in person, I have a lot of memberships and subscriptions that I need to use up so don’t be shy!
2. We’ll be hosting information sessions for buyers and sellers at the office, which will answer all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know about real estate and how it all works. Free booze will of course be provided, as real estate is boring enough as is.
3. You’ll get to meet Tori Thorne. If you haven’t met her yet, she’s one of the best agents in downtown Toronto and I’m really lucky to have her on board.

As the saying goes, the best is yet to come.


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